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Online spell check

What is it?

Don’t look stupid! is a free Java Desktop Tool designed to help you perform spell checks, grammar checks, punctuating checks and other language checks for your websites, blogs and articles. It works for most major languages. It is faster, cheaper (free!) and more versatile than any similar tool.

If you have previously searched Google for

» online spell check

» online spell checker

» online grammar check

» online grammar checker

» online spell check

» online spell checker

you may have found tools which are expensive, or too slow, or check only one web page at a time, or work only for English sites.

Spell checkers typically allow you to submit one URL you want to check. You then get an email hours later with a flawed spell check report (often inaccurate, or excludes punctuation and grammar checks) of that one URL. Many times you will not get even that shoddy report but are told to upgrade to a paid service.

Don’t Look Stupid! is different. It is free to use, it processes whole websites very quickly, and it works with just about every language.

Let’s be honest. Established writing tools like MS Word provide the most accurate spell checks, grammar checks and punctuation checks available. Those half-baked online spell checking services simply cannot compete with the resources thrown into the development of MS Word. MS Word does not only support spell checks, grammar checks and punctuation checks for English, but for languages like Dutch, German, French, Bengali, Hindi, Turkish and many others (depending on your set-up). This is why we leverage upon MS Word to offer you a fast and superior service that is free of charge.

Why should I spell check websites?

Do the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

You are publishing online. Blogs, articles etc. Out of convenience, you type directly into your HTML editor or your CMS. Much of the time you get the spelling and grammar right. But come on! Nobody is perfect, and you may not exactly have a personal copy editor who checks your text for you and makes you coffee. Often, there are those annoying typos that sneaked past, which diminish the professionalism and intelligence of your content. Sometimes, you get readers pointing out the errors to you, distracting them from the main points you wanted to make in the article. Other times, it is even worse. Nobody tells you about the mistakes but you can trust that the more literate of your readership would have caught the errors.

Of course, there are scenarios in which misspellings can be acceptable, cute or even appropriate. Here are four scenarios in which misspellings will not work against you:

  1. You live in a neighbourhood where everyone spells ‘crab’ (as in the yummy crustacean) the same way that you do.
  2. You are CNN and by misspelling ‘Shift’, you actually describe Obama’s situation more accurately.
  3. You are a property agent trying to sell a house and the gentleman owner does not mind performing sexual favours to seal the deal.
  4. You are George W. Bush, in which case you can spell whatever way you want and nobody will ever be offended or disappointed.

However, chances are that you are neither Bush nor a feisty 70 year old grandmother boss of a Chinese seafood store in Brooklyn. In that case, all that typos do for you is to make you look stupid.

Don’t look stupid!
Use Don’t look stupid to get rid off typos in your blogs, articles and websites. Leave misspellings and grammatical errors to people who don’t mind looking stupid.

System Requirements

DLS! is written in Java and should run on all computers which have the JRE installed.